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Hello, Old Friend

29 Aug

Although its been an unusually busy summer, I have managed to squeeze in a fair amount of reading.  My ultimate literary pleasure is to have a few hours to myself to read, becoming totally engrossed in a book.  While I read some wonderful new literature this summer, I came across an ‘old friend’ last week while perusing our bookshelf: Memoirs of a Geishaby Arthur Golden.

I say ‘old friend’ because I have read this book a few time since it came out in 1997.  What I love about re-reading is the sense of returning to a familiar and comfortable world, yet still finding new and exciting things along the way. Perhaps it is the passing of time and the experiences that have followed in my own life, but I found new meaning in the book and was again awestruck by the writing and storytelling.

I am often overwhelmed looking at my bedside stack of books, my ‘list of books to read’ and the Bestseller lists: I wonder “how will there ever be enough time?” But, like most things in life, there will never be enough time.  So instead, why not (every so often) visit a favorite place instead of somewhere new, order that delicious dish you’ve had many times before, and read a book that you have already enjoyed and allow yourself the gift of returning to an ‘old friend’.

Inspire a Generation

14 Aug

Now that the 2012 London Olympics have ended, I am able to reflect on some of my favorite aspects of the games.  As an American living in Canada, I am proud of the athletes from both countries (although I still bleed red, white and blue).  However, I was also inspired by the many tributes to literature in the opening and closing ceremonies.  Where else could (or would) a country so proudly and openly display their legacy of literature? From multiple Mary Poppins dropping from the sky to an over-sized Voldemort, James Bond’s jump from a helicopter, and even Shakespeare’s “to be or not to be” etched on the closing night stage.  It was all a wonderful love letter to the written word.

I hope you’ll enjoy this Olympic-inspired Goodreads book list too:

Returning to the Reading Rug

8 Aug

When I’m not reading, I can usually be found singing.  And, for the past two weeks I have been away at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut at the Yale Cabaret Conference.   It was an incredible opportunity to perform, meet other amazing artists and learn new skills of cabaret.

I hope that each of you has had an chance to recharge your soul this summer.

Some old-time gems of wisdom from my favorite bathroom book, Schott’s Quintessential Miscellany:

Nine Rules for Reading by Dr. Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909)

1. Don’t try to read everything

2. Read two books on the same subject, one solid and one for pleasure.

3. Don’t read a book for the sake of saying you have read it.

4. Review what you have read.

5. Read with pencil in hand.

6. Use your blank book.

7. Condense what you copy.

8. Read less and try to remember more.

9. Read regularly.