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Cool Inventions in Reading

25 Nov

For my graduate thesis, I focused on the challenges for young readers in developing countries and in under financed school systems where books are lacking. How does one learn to read without books?  In response to this question, I created a movable children’s library and reading center called the The Global Reading Rug (image above).  It gives students and teachers access to books, teaching materials, and the joy of reading on the rug.

I’m always inspired by the innovations of others, and I’d like to share two inventions in reading that I think you will like too.

Street Books, based in Portland, Oregon, is a bicycle powered mobile library created by Laura Moulton that gives people living outside access to books.  Patrons are not required to show ID or proof of address and are asked to bring books back when they are able.  The first summer of Street Books was very successful, and patrons not only returned books but shared their book reviews with others through the Street Books blog.  Check out this video to learn more about Street Books:

Biblio-mat is a new vending machine that dispenses second hand books.  Located within the Toronto book store Monkey’s Paw, for a Toonie ($2), you can pick up a randomly selected book from the vending machine.  Designed by animator Craig Small, “it’s defiantly struck a chord with the customers” said store owner Stephen Fowler.  Check out this video of the Biblio-Mat: