Book Reviews

Book Reviews

A few months ago, my friend Heather (of the health junction) and I were exalting the importance of a book group; opportunity to read, socialize, and chat about books.  We decided to send an email to our female friends and ask if they would like to participate in a book group.  The response was immediate and positive, and for the last few months our book group has come together about once every month to chat about books.   What I like so much about this group of smart, kind and witty women is that we actually discuss the books!  Yes, we do talk about everything from Ryan Gossling to the Montreal educational riots, but for the majority of our meeting we focus on the book.

Book group afternoons (we usually meet Sunday afternoons) are something I look forward to as an opportunity to see friends, talk about books, and be around engaging women (we even had discussion questions, thanks to Jen).   Here is what we have read thus far, and some commentary from The Reading Avengers:

(Note- all ‘reviews’ are under 100 words (give or take) and express opinion of the blogger and some group members)

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