Gabriel’s Book Review

Diego Saves the Tree Frogs by Sarah Wilson, illustrated by Susan Hall

What do you like about this book? I like knowing the words.

What do you do if you don’t know the words?  I look at the pictures.

Share with me a little bit about the story.  Diego saves a tree frog.

Why do you like Diego?  He rescues stuff.

Where do you like to read?  At the table.

What do you like about reading? You have more words every time you read. 

This books is ideal emerging readers as it can help build confidence in reading.  Pictures are a big part of the reading process, and as you can see they are incorporated into each sentence of the book.

It may be helpful for the child to know Diego and his friends, since the books all follow a similar pattern and have many of the same characters (Alicia, Baby Jaguar, etc).  I also like these book to explain the exclamation mark (!), as Diego is an excited boy who uses the exclamation mark in much of his dialogue.  Go, Diego, Go!

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