Half Broke Horses

Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls

On a recent visit to the public library I noticed Half Broke Horses on the shelf.  I was familiar with the author, having just listened to her other book The Glass Castle (see audiobook reviews), and was compelled to find out just how the author’s kooky mother ended up the way she did.

What I discover was an engaging story about Jeannette’s grandmother, a ‘no-nonsense, resourceful and spectacularly compelling woman’.  As a child I was fascinated with life on the prairies, and this book is an account of one woman’s incredible life making the best out of ranch life (while also teaching, learning to fly an airplane and race horses!).  Walls writing is reflective, historical, and she captures the highs and lows of one persons incredible life.

It makes me wonder what undiscovered anecdotes are among my own family, and reminds me that we are all part of an ongoing story.

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