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How Playtime Connects Young Readers to Books

8 Nov


Do you ever finish a book yet still feel as though it is still alive inside of you? I know I do, and it’s one of the reasons I participate in a book group. As an adult, being part of a book group allows me to delve deeper into the book by asking questions of my fellow readers, listening to the opinions of others, and continuing to let the story simmer in my mind.

Children also need opportunities to make connections to books, especially after the book has been finished. Experiences allow children to add another layer of understanding to their word, and this is even true with reading. Follow-up experiences help young readers make personal connections to books and stories. Lastly, being able to be playful with books fosters a love of reading.

One of my favorite sites, The Imagination Tree (imaginationtree.com), has a recent post called ’12 Playful Storytelling Activities. Using everyday materials like play dough, garden plants and cardboard children bring the stories to life through play. I highly recommend starting these playful reading activites with children from an early age as children benefit from such interactive experiences, in addition to being active listeners.

To Finish or Not to Finish, That is the Question:

27 Jun

What to do when you don’t like a book you are reading?  I’m pretty sure we have all been there: maybe a book for a school assignment, or one that has been chosen for a book club, or even one you thought (or you were told) you would really like?! Personally, I always try to finish a book…but, there are a few I have put down, never to be read again.

I asked some friends what they do in the same situation.  Here are some of the highlights:

“If I can’t get into a book by the end of the second chapter or so, I just abandon ship.  There are so many great books out there that I would rather find one that suits my interests.”

“If I’m bored, I remember how I hated ‘Grapes of Wrath’ when I first started reading it and how my boyfriend encouraged me to keep going. It ended up being my favorite novel of all time, so I try to remember that.”

“If I do not like a book, I am stubborn enough to finish it, because I do not want to be bested by a novel I don’t like.”

“I ALWAYS finish it. Even if I hate it.  I can’t adequately hate something if I haven’t given it a fair chance.

“Sometimes when I really dislike a novel I will put it down and read other things, and then come back to that book.  I’ll still want to make it through to the end. ”

Please feel free to leave comments about what YOU do when you a reading a book you don’t like or even the title of a book that you didn’t finish …